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Jamie Ferenczi clip in 2012 episode two of Copper.



Jamie Ferenczi, in the feature film., see a clip.

See an FLV clip of Jamie Ferenczi as nurse in the HBO, Central Movies, and Shaftesbury Films, episode four, of television show Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures,2010.

Jamie Ferenczi as Mrs. Crumble, a teacher, in What's Up Warthogs, 2010, on Family Channel. Jamie Ferenczi in 2011 CTV's Listener CLIP

Sketch sample by Jamie Ferenczi in CBC article about Little Mosque on the Prairie.


Jamie Ferenczi attending a garage sale, while shopping for clothes and interesting stuff, in a comedy sketch, on CBC's The Ron James Show. See the movice clip or iPhone clip of Jamie Ferenczi.

See Jamie Ferenczi video clip in Murdoch Mysteries, now seen on CBC. Murdoch Mysteries is produced by Shaftesbury Films.



View a clip with Jamie Ferenczi in Flashpoint, CTV.

See the Clip of Jamie Ferenczi, seen in the role as a nurse, in Warehouse 13,which is an American science fiction series that SYFY premiered on July 7, 2010.


CBC's Being Erica where Jamie Ferenczi is sketching at a life drawing studio. She is in the Being Erica season two episode, called "Papa Can you Hear Me?"


Jamie Ferenczi is in Murdoch Mysteries, Dan For Mayor, and Louis Wilson Story.



Jamie Ferenczi as a town folk and bread factory worker in Happy Town.

Jamie Ferenczi as an olympic runner's family member in a comedy sketch for CBC's Rick Mercer Report. see clip.



Jamie Ferenczi as an airport traveler in Rick Mercer's comedy sketch.

Jamie Ferenczi in season three Murdoch Mysteries episodes and others, such as "Power", "This One Goes Eleven", "Future Imperfect", and "Genetics".

Single White Spenny with Jamie Ferenczi as a nurse and surgury assistant, in the pilot .

Jamie Ferenczi at the studio of CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie, season four. Sketch sample by Jamie Ferenczi in CBC article about Little Mosque on the Prairie.

See the clip of Jamie Ferenczi as good old country town folk on CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie.

See Jamie's video clip on Murdoch Mysteries episode 2009 "I, Murdoch"; Breakfast with Scott; and a sketch drawn on Morrison Murders.

Jamie Ferenczi is a grocery shopper in the feature film Breakfast with Scott that is directed by Laurie Lynd for production companies Capri Films and Regent Releasing.


Jamie Ferenczi is a maid in CTV and NBC's television series The Listener, which is a Shaftesbury Film production. This episode director was Stephen Surjik. SEE CLIP

Jamie Ferenczi is a Toronto Humane Society animal rights protestor in Murdock Mysteries episode one titled "Power" that is directed by Farhad Mann. See the clip.


Jamie Ferenczi as a mother in The Good Witch, starring principal actor Chris Potter. The production company is Wizbang Films Incorporated for Hallmark channel and Women's network See Clip

In Molly, Jamie Ferenczi's role is a "Jitter Bug" dance judge, which is a show for Warner Brothers. See the clip!


The Gathering is a show produced by Cliffwood Productions for Sony Pictures and Lifetime Television that is directed by Bill Eagles.


Jamie Ferenczi is a court sketch artist in A & E's Dash and Lilly that is directed by actor Kathy Bates.


Jamie Ferenczi is a court sketch artist in the Ellie Nestler Story. The artwork was drawn an painted by Jamie on the day of filming.

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Jamie Ferenczi in Littte Mosque on the Praire, episode three of the first season, as an Anglican town person, visiting at the Mosque for the first time. It is directed by Michael Kennedy.

Little Mosque on the Praire in season four.

Jamie Ferenczi in Runaway, with the role as a nurse, for Warner Brothers that is produced by Cliffwood Productions and directed by Chad Hodge.



Jamie Ferenczi is ready to sketch, while at the Hockey Hall of Fame, in Montreal, Canada.

Jamie Ferenczi waiting to have lunch at a tranquil ocean in California, USA that feels like a moment in gay Paris, France.